About Affiliates.com.my

We’re really excited to give you the #1 e-commerce platform and affiliate network that specialized for local Merchants and Affiliates that can be transacted in RM, including online banking (FPX) for customers. With more technology and expertise at our fingertips, major product innovations are right round the nook. You’ll be finding out more about our comprehensive new solutions and its singular capacities.

The coolest part is, we’re able to serve you and understand the business needs of the Merchants/Affiliates because we’re deeply involved with marketing online too. After all, we're an internet marketing company.

Also, it's 100% free because it's part of our mission to help Malaysians to start internet marketing and digital online business.

Affiliates.com.my is founded by Patric Chan, a world-class internet marketer, who are living in Malaysia and he wanted to help Malaysia to start growing in the digital marketing space - now every Malaysian can sell digitally.

Why Us

We’re local.

Affiliates.com.my is created for local merchants (Vendors) to get local affiliates (Affiliates). At the same time, affiliates will be able to find local products to promote confidently to their audience. They’ll be able to check the merchant's profile to ensure it’s legitimate and reliable.

Other than being an affiliate network that is specialized for the Malaysia market, all transactions are handled in Ringgit (RM).

Last but not least, it's 100% free. We take no fees at all. This is our initiative of moving more Malaysians into digital marketing.

About Our Company

Connect Leverage Sdn. Bhd. is involved in providing internet marketing education and training through books, home courses, seminars and live workshops.
The company is founded by best-selling author and world-class internet marketer, Patric Chan.

We do not run the conventional-style business too. In fact, we do not even have any "conventional staff". Although we have a physical office in the lovely island of Penang, we do not have anyone working inside there. They work anywhere they like. One of the reasons is because we're an internet marketing company and we advocate individuals to become "free" and at the second reason is, our founder's vision is "Operation Zero Employees" for marketers and entrepreneurs.

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