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The only fee you pay is your regular fee charged by PayPal. In short, we make absolutely no money at all and you may be wondering why it's 100% free. At, our goal is to help Malaysia to grow in the digital marketing space as that is the future. Founded by Patric Chan, a world-class internet marketer, this is his initiative of giving back to Malaysians and helping them to make some part-time income online. And for those who are serious, they can use this platform to build their digital online business.

When you become a Merchant at, we want you to have a peace of mind to focus on creating your product, while we take care of the affiliate system for you.

See the benefits of using to help you grow:

Cutting Edge Technology

Our affiliate platform provides industry-leading software, tracking facilities, reliable reporting tools to optimize your campaigns, affiliate payment system and a lot more.

Expertise & Services

For qualified merchanrts, our affiliate marketing experts offer outstanding affiliate management services to take the burden off your shoulder onto ours and maximize your sales.

Reliable Tracking and Payments

Transparency and throughout all your advertising endeavors. Our affiliate platform implements accurate conversion pixel tracking and affiliate commission payments so you and your affiliates will get paid on time and every time.

Our "instant commission" system will allow your affiliates to get paid instantly – no more waiting for affiliate commission payout.

Advanced Tools & Reporting

Powerful tools as your gateway to online business success! Our cutting edge tools will allow you to drive higher sales conversions and more, allowing you to efficiently optimize your affiliate partnerships and reach your goals.

Fees Is 0%

We want you to focus on creating high quality digital products to enrich your affiliates and maximize your profits from your product.

There are no cost to become a vendor for affiliates and no fees for each transaction, unlike other affiliate networks in the market currently.

To "automate" your affiliate commission payout and also, to allow your affiliates to earn instantly via the "instant commission" technology, you will be using PayPal for the payment system. Thus, the only fee that incurs is PayPal's fee.

For PayPal, the transaction fee is varies because it’s not part of This is controlled by PayPal. You can get the full details at their official site,

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