I Will Train And Teach You How To Become An Affiliate Marketer, Earning In USD For FREE!

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Hi, Patric here.

On the internet, there are mainly just 2 ways to generate income online.
Option #1: Create Your Own Product to Sell
Logically, this is the option that everyone wants to get into, right?

Although it's wonderful but the truth is, only very small percentage of people can achieve this.

Let me explain -
With the assumption that the product for sale is a good one, why they still are able to make money by promoting it online? 

Because it requires tremendous effort to create a website that can convert the traffic into sales!

This includes the mastery of combining the skill of sales copy, design and video. 

And sometimes, this could take many months or even years to reach this level of mastery. 

So, therefore there's option 2, where you don't need to master these yet and don't even need to do all of the sales conversion work! 

Ready for option #2? 
Option #2 Is Selling Someone Else's Product - Also Known As Affiliate Marketing
Just to give a super quick intro on affiliate marketing, you can earn income online by simply recommending other company's products.

The product owner will have an affiliate management software so that when you become an affiliate, you'll get a unique affiliate link to promote. 

So when you share this affiliate link, it redirects to the product owner's website but the system will know that it's being referred by you. 

Then, when the visitor purchases from the website, regardless of whether this person's your friend or a stranger, the software will track the sale was referred by you. 

In that process, you'll be credited with the sale and earned income online! 

In short, all of these, are systematically and automatically track by SOFTWARE. 

Thus, your main task as an affiliate is simply to recommend the products. 

So, you get to eliminate all of the advance conversion stuff and just learn one thing – how to promote your affiliate link to start making money. 

Affiliate Marketing is an ideal way to start earning money online or to add an extra stream of income towards your business, even I have my own product to sell, I'm still doing affiliate marketing. 

Here's why: 
1. No Need To Create The Product
With affiliate marketing, obviously, you don't need to create a product to sell. Creating a good product could take months, imagine not earning for those periods of time. Where else, affiliate marketing can even start generating income as quickly as tomorrow. 

2. No Need To Deal With Customer Support And Product Fulfillment
There are no customer support and product fulfillment required. Since the product doesn't belongs to you, it's the product owner's job to do that work.

3. You Don't Need to Create The Sales Mechanism
You see, to pitch the product, it requires all kinds of sales mechanism – from the conversion aspect of sales copy, website design and video... to the technical aspect of collecting payments, plus the technical automation.

In fact, as an affiliate marketer, the only technical thing you need to think of is just your AFFILIATE LINK.

4. Super Low Risk And High Flexibility
If you promote an affiliate program and it didn't work, that's okay, you can simply change to promote something else! But if you created a product, you can't just abandon it, right? 

5. Super Fast To Earn 
I guess, this is the most important aspect of all - the incredible speed to start earning. Choose an affiliate program and promote it! It can even be done in a day.
But – not all affiliate programs are created equal.

So, I'm going to give you 5 tips that can help you to get more affiliate sales and also, earning more money from your effort!

Ready?  
How To Choose An Affiliate Product To Promote!

Tip #1: It Has To Be An Amazing Product

This goes without saying, right? After all, promoting a poor product is not just the wrong thing to do, it can also cause refunds and that will affect your income! Affiliates don't earn on refunded products.

Tip #2: Proven to Convert

The #1 priority of doing affiliate marketing for you is to make money online.

Therefore, you should only promote a website that has proven to convert. In another word, you should not promote a newbie's website where the conversion will likely to be low. 

Tip #3: Done-For-You Affiliate Promos

This is another secret to saving a lot of time - Product owners who are pros will prepare all types of affiliate promotion materials for you to use. This way, it'll save you a lot of time and some will even give you content to share that can generate affiliate sales!

Tip #4: High Commission Percentage

This is why, it's ideal for you to promote a digital product instead of a physical product. With digital products, you could earn 40% commission to even 80% commission per sale!

Where else, with physical product, it's usually just about 5 – 6 percent. 

Well, that's almost 10X difference in earning, right?  

Same affiliate marketing effort, but your income differentiated by 10 times. Work smart, not hard. 

Tip #5: It Has A Sales Funnel

If the affiliate program only has a single product to sell, you will just earn a linear income.

Choose to promote an affiliate program that has a sales funnel so that when the customer purchases, the customer may purchase several other products, allowing you to earn multiple commissions. 
This is a huge impact towards your earning, another way of working smart rather than just working hard. 

Here's what I mean: 

Assuming you promote a $10 digital product that pays out 50% affiliate commission. So you'll earn $5/sale. 

If there's no sales funnel, it'll require you to get 10 sales to earn $50, right? 

However, assuming that it has a sales funnel and it looks like this: 

• $10 product 
• $20 upsell
• $30 upsell

With the assumption of just 10% of take up rate for the upsell conversion, for the 10 sales, you'll ended up earning $75 instead of just $50 now.

That’s an extra 50% MORE AFFILIATE INCOME, without doing anything extra with no additional work! 

That’s the power of a sales funnel. 

"Are You Ready to Start Earning Your Affiliate Income This Week?"
If so, I got good news for you.

And to make it even more exciting...

What if, I'll teach you and train you for free? 

Also, this is program is unique than any others you've seen! 

Because after you've learned, you'll be given the steps to take. This is an "earn as you learn" program....
Introducing the Affiliates.com.my Challenge
While the entire blueprint and strategies can be used universally all around the world, but I’ll teach affiliate marketing in Malaysia.

The logic is, the market is now ready and it’s also an untapped opportunity with less competition, thus making it easier for you to start.  

Furthermore, while there is other affiliate marketing training out there, there's hardly ANY for Malaysia. 

Despite that, you can still promote affiliate programs that pay out in USD! 

The product that I will introduce in the training is our company's product that will help you earn commissions. 

I know, it may sound biased but if you think about it, that's the BEST WAY I can help you to start earning your USD commissions!  

And once you have earned, feel free to use the same strategies to promote any other affiliate program you like. 

But why this is the best way to help you?

First, it passed the 5 criteria to help you earn easier and more – great product, proven seller, done-for-you affiliate promos, high commission and has a sales funnel.  

And secondly, seeing it's our company's product, we can give you the FULL SUPPORT needed regarding the affiliate program.  

Alright, let's continue on how the challenge works...

There are 2 phases of affiliate marketing: 

1. Earning from free traffic
2. Earning from paid advertising

I'll teach you both to help you get your affiliate sales. 

Because the program is mean to be "earn while you learn", it's constructed to be a 2-week program with 6 modules. This way, you'll have the time to put what you've learned into practice, while learning. 

As for the cost of the program, it is free with just a small returnable commitment fee. 

Let me explain why the commitment fee is compulsory and how you can get it back 100%. 

Let's be honest with each other - if there's no commitment fee, most people will not take action and I'll lose money for not selling the program. 

But if you take action, it's okay for me not to sell the program to you simply because you'll be like a partner, I'll earn back when you achieve success. 

And secondly, I enjoy working with committed people. 

To qualify receiving your commitment fee back to you, you'll just need to take action. 

Also, all of the actions will not require you to spend any money at all, you'll just need to complete the free traffic actions that can get affiliate sales for you. 

And of course, it's doable because I want you to get as many affiliate sales as possible! 

This is why it's an advantage to have our company's product as the affiliate offer. This way, we can support you as much as possible. 

A program like this is usually sold for about $99 and that's about RM 500. 

But for the commitment fee, it'll only be an affordable RM 79. 

And of course, if you make affiliate sales, it'll be triple bonus for you! 

1st, you earn income. 

2nd, you get back your commitment fee. 

3rd, you're now equipped with the skill of affiliate marketing and this skill is yours for lifetime. 

I honestly don't see how this is not the best deal ever with absolutely zero risk. 

The other exciting news is, you'll also get a sign-up bonus that's highly complementary to affiliate marketing! 
Free Bonus: The L1nk Tracker Software Worth RM 200
To do affiliate marketing, you'll need to cloak your affiliate link. For instance, you'll see some people use URLs like Bit.ly when they're promoting online, right?

That's a link shortener. 

But apart than shortening the URL, there are many other reasons including to track your clicks and also, to control your URL to update the promoted affiliate offer at any time! 

It's a link management system. 

In fact, this bonus is even more expensive than the commitment fee we're asking! You can see it that we're selling at l1nk.com for $39, which is about RM 200. 
So here's a recap: 

Instead of paying for an affiliate marketing course for about RM 500, join the Affiliates.com.my Challenge for a measly RM 79. 

Truth is, with today’s inflation, you would have probably spent that in a day when you’re at the shopping mall.  

But not only it's just RM 79, it's only a commitment fee where we'll return it to you after you've taken the action within the 2 weeks period that we've laid out in the Challenge. All of the actions will be focused on promoting the affiliate program with free traffic methods. 

On top of that, you'll get the L1nk Tracker Software for free.
How Does The Affiliates.com.my Challenge Works...
There will be a total of 6 step-by-step modules. Since the live challenge is over, you'll be able to access all of the modules instantly.

As mentioned earlier, this is a "earn while you learn" program. So, you'll take actions to start affiliate marketing to earn with the first 3 modules.

If you've completed the actions within the 2 weeks, you'll be able to submit your request to collect back your RM 79 commitment fee*. You do not need to take any actions from Phase 2's training to claim.

The commitment fee will be issued out in the first week of each month. Which means, if you’ve submitted request on 15th November, it’ll be issued in the first week of December.  
Frankly, can you afford to pass up this opportunity? Consider this - just an affiliate sale may just earn back your entire investment. 

So you see, I've given you every conceivable reason to get started and generate all the money you want online with affiliate marketing, without any risk on your part. You'll be thanking me for years to come.

Okay, go ahead and click the button on below to join the Affiliates.com.my Challenge… 
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