Four Core Players

It's all about the partnerships between these four: Merchants, Affiliates, Customers and the Affiliate Network.


A Merchant can be an online retailer that sells physical products, consumption products, services or information products. They’re the product owner and fulfill the product sold, including providing customer support.


An Affiliate is an individual who promotes a Merchant’s product or service in exchange for earning a commission. They do not fulfill the product or provide customer service. It can be done part-time or build it into a full-time business.


A Customer is the one who actually completed a transaction on the Merchant’s website and this transaction is also known as a conversion. He is referred by the Affiliate through the Affiliate’s promotions.


An Affiliate Network is an intermediary between Affiliates and Merchants that provides a foundation for effective partnerships with minimal resources while driving the powerful effects. It’s the system to enable affiliate marketing. is an Affiliate Network.

How it works

Affiliate marketing is a Pay-for-Performance online marketing channel that rewards Affiliates with commissions when they generate sales for the Merchants.


Our Platform provides access to the advanced tools that enable Affiliates to promote the Merchant’s products online to earn commission.


Affiliates promote the Merchants’ products by sending target audience to visit the Merchant's website through their unique affiliate link.


Customers visit Merchant’s websites and perform desired actions, such as a purchased transaction.


Once an action has been registered and approved, the Merchant gets a new customer for his business and proceed to fulfil the product. The Affiliate receives commission for his promotion effort.

Customer Acquisition for Merchants is a new generation e-commerce platform and affiliate program system to get sales! is recognized by its special management of the partnership between a Merchant and various affiliates within one task.

Moreover, it is a very cost-effective as the Affiliate is only paid on a pay-for-performance basis. In other words, the Affiliate is paid just for specific user's action on the Merchant's website.

Audience Monetization for Affiliates

Select from a broad mixture of local affiliate programs that are suitable your audience and traffic source.

With our program you can make out your affiliate activities with the greatest possible efficiency. Along the upside, our affiliate support service ensures your affiliate marketing campaigns are attractive.

Besides, our experts are glad to advice you on various affiliate issues: optimizing your web site, a blog or social network group, on selecting the most appropriate promotional materials with regard to your campaign or best conversion strategies.

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