After 3 months of "Off", I'm now ready to reveal the blueprint I've been using for the past 8 years to achieve my freedom and building a 7 figure business...

Patric Chan
Best-Selling Author, Intetnational Speaker of 12 Countries & Internet Marketing Pioneer
I'm Off!
Therefore, I'll Be Giving Away MOST Of My Paid Courses, Books And Trainings For FREE With No Upsells Or Whatsoever.

To get that, click the button below:

Hi Friend,

I don't want to sell anything because I don't want to have any customers right now.

You see, I'm currently "Off" because I'm very excited to "start again" for something very exciting (which I can't reveal yet). 

To achieve that, I'll need to stop what I'm currently doing and I believe only by taking such massive action will lead to a huge breakthrough. 

This would also means...
  • A Different Mission: My business will be built based on the mission I want to accomplish - with this mission, I strongly believe it will help my clients achieving more in terms of revenue and also, emotional fulfilment 
  • ​Selective Customers: Not everyone will be my customers, I'll be attracting a different customer base who qualifies for the profile that will achieve success
Here are some Q&A's...
What Do You Currently Still Have?

There are only 2 things:

The first project is NFTs for Creators. I'll be focusing on a free newsletter to help creators, influencers, digital marketers and entrepreneurs to onboard into Web3 NFT and training them. Subscribe for free at:

My Other Paid Courses And Trainings Are For Free.

I've created many courses in the past and ongoing video trainings for my coaching students. So for now, each week, I'll be releasing paid courses and trainings for free. If you're my subscriber, you'll be notified. There won't be "upsells" because I'm not interested to take any customers anymore at this stage.

Here are some I've released and you'll get instant access:
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy 2023 - 52 minutes
  • ​Unleash Affiliate Marketing Potential in Your Digital Business - 1 Hour, 4 Minutes
  • ​Unlocking the Power of Micro Content - 55 Minutes
  • ​Maximizing Earnings with the Affiliate Funnel (Part 1) - 56 Minutes
  • ​The 3 Phases Of Launch and Online Business Growth - 25 Minutes
  • ​Maximizing Earnings with the Affiliate Funnel (Part 2) - 58 Minutes
  • And many more to be added for free!
The Future?

All of my trainings and teachings will be embodied by the ZE model and philosophy. ZE stands for "Zero Employees". It is to create freedom for creators, digital marketers, influencers and online entrepreneurs, while empowering the "employees" to be independent and becoming bosses of their own businesses or side hustles.

To get the methodology, philosophies, ideas, etc of ZE in the future, you just need to stay subscribed for free.
I'm A Current Coaching Student, Will I Still Get My Privileges?

Currently, the only coaching that's available to join is the NFT Creator Coaching Group & Mastermind. Everything else is closed.

But if you are a current coaching student of any other program, it's your advantage because you'll continue to be served as it is - nothing changes. Just that, I'm not accepting any new students anymore, period.
How Can I Stay Updated Of What You're Going To Do?

For what I'm going to do, I would not lose anything to share with you my secrets and the business strategies. Once you understand what I'm doing, you'll probably want to model me - because this is the ONLY WAY to build a long-term income generating business while working less. Work less, earn more.

Whenever I'm free, I'll be sharing with my subscribers. You can subscribe here.
So, How Are You Going To Make Money Without Selling?

I don't. While I can make a lot of money by creating funnels, doing pitch webinars, running Facebook ads, etc... that's not what I want to do at this stage.

If I can be totally transparent with you, it took me YEARS to realize this:

I could be making so much more money, without doing what I've been doing. I just need to let go what I'm currently having.

Here are some ideas...

I could reverse-engineer successful kickstarter projects that are eComm-based. With my resources, network and credibility, I could find a partner for the product manufacturing and logistic. Then with my experience and skill, I could market it successful on the internet. Build it into a brand and exit for millions later.

I could find a niche on a topic like travels. Partnering with someone with knowledge and leveraging on AI, I could build a newsletter business and earn from sponsorships. 

I could launch an NFT project and get into the Web3 trend. In fact, I'm currently doing this. :-)

As you can see, I don't need to sell courses or my content to make money.

And in case, on top of getting my paid courses and trainings for free, you'll also get invitations to live classes I'll be doing in the future to teach new ideas and strategies for free. 

Provided, you're subscribed today:
Warm regards,
Patric Chan
P.S: It's really fine if you don't want to subscribe. :-)

I just need to put up a webpage on 99% of my websites today since I'm no longer offering anything for sale. 

If you register, it's just a means for me to send you my content for free. That's all.

The fact is, I'm off for moonshots. I'm merely extending an invitation for me to show you along the way, so that we go up together (if you want).
About Patric Chan:

Patric Chan is a best-selling author of multiple books, an international speaker of 12 countries, including the US, UK, China, Malaysia, etc., and an internet marketing pioneer since 2004. 

His books and products have been featured on CNN, & Forbes. Patric has also trained thousands of students worldwide, including having testimonials for his expertise from other experts and public figures like Robert G. Allen, Russell Brunson, Dr. Joe Vitale, Anik Singal, Ryan Deiss, etc. In the digital product industry, Patric has been awarded the ClickBank Platinum for many years and has even been recognized as a Super Affiliate. His expertise has even been migrated to the network marketing industry where he was awarded the top #4 recruiter globally for the billion-dollar Inc. 500 company, Jeunesse, when he started promoting the business. Last but not least, arguably, he has the most documented success testimonials of students for the local market.
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